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Wall Mounted Snack Dispenser

Wall Mounted Snack Dispenser

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No more spilling cereal or dry nuts on the kitchen counter or floor ever again! With our leak-proof dispenser, you can be sure that your food will never get stale. It's designed to keep any and all cereal, dry nuts, oatmeal, pasta, and rice fresh. 

Made with high-quality plastic, you can be confident that this dispenser is the right choice. With the wall stickers provided, you can easily mount this on any wall to maximize your home aesthetics while keeping everything fresh. You'll always know how much cereal is left inside! 

As the snacks can be dispensed with a push of a button, kids are unable to make a mess in the kitchen with this dispenser! 

If you're looking for the absolute best snack dispenser for your kitchen then this is it. Convenience, portability, and best of all... fresh snacks for the family to enjoy!


  • Tool-Free Installation - Simply stick the dispenser to any smooth surface in your kitchen. The stickers will hold even when the dispenser is filled to the brim.
  • Modern and Clean Design - With high-quality see-through plastic, the sleek and modern design of this dispenser will complement any kitchen.
  • Convenient - Our dispenser keeps food hermetically sealed so you can be sure your food and snacks can be fresh. Save money by no longer throwing away stale cereal! 
  • Easy Dispensing - Dispense with just a push of a button! Children and teens love the simplicity of this design.  
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