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Ultimate Portable Filter Travel Bowl

Ultimate Portable Filter Travel Bowl

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Is you're Dog thirsty when taking him for a walk but you realize there's no way to give him water?

You're on a walk with you're dog and all the sudden he becomes thirsty but you have no way to feed him well this is where our Ultimate Portable Filter Travel Bowl comes in!

Summers coming! The bottle is the perfect thing to get whether for trips or a just a simple walk to the park!


  • High quality material, super durable and sturdy. You can drop it without it even getting scratched.
  • Easy to use, built like a draw the water drawer comes out with the click of a button. 
  • Extra portable and lightweight. With a big capacity perfect for any dog.
  • Super convenient with a built in strap and even leak proof!
  • Includes a built in filter 


  • Type: Ultimate Portable Bottle
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Colors: Many

Package Includes:

1* Ultimate Bottle

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