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UFBemo Garbage Bag Holder/Training Bag

UFBemo Garbage Bag Holder/Training Bag

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Our UfBemo Holder is an awesome accessory to have. If you're looking for a small compact dog training bag at an affordable price this will do the trick. 

With an ultra compact design as well as waterproof for long term usage. With Bright colors and a cute design its the perfect garbage bag as well as a a key holder and a training bag for treats. So enjoy your time with your dog with this ultra compact Bag! 


  • Non-toxic materials
  • Training Bag
  • Treats Holder
  • Key Holder
  • Garbage Bag Holder
  • Easy To Attach By Velcro


  • Type: Dog Bag
  • Material: Nylon/Other
  • Colors: Grey/Green/Orange/Navy
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