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Training Dog Educational Bells

Training Dog Educational Bells

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Training Dog Educational Puppy Bells

These training bells are perfect for teaching your pup to obey commands, and they’re made of durable, non-rusting metal that won’t snap into your fingers. The large button is easy to press with your thumb or index finger. 

The Training Dog Educational Bells are a great way to train your puppy. These bells have a big button that is not sharp. Pressing the button gently produces a crisp sound that is pleasant for both you and your pet. It has good damage toughness, making it less likely to break when dropped or


  • Simple button, cute dog grab button, big button will not snap into the finger seam, gently press the sound crisp
  • The surface of the paint is reprinted with bright colors, it is not easy to fade, it is not easy to rust, and the gloss is high.


  • Type: Dog Toy/Training
  • Material: Stainless Steel/Plastic

Package Includes:

*1 Dog Bell Toy

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