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Sticky Washable Dust Cleaning Roller

Sticky Washable Dust Cleaning Roller

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Sticky dust, hair, fabric, and other particles are no match for this lint roller! It catches everything in one easy step, and then simply wash off for a quick clean. One of the best features of this sticky roller is that you can clean it with a simple rinse under the faucet. The tape rollers are made of tough cartons and in white color. It has high quality and durable in use. It is suitable for cleaning or collecting dust off the window, furniture, carpet, curtain, etc.


- Re-usable, Washable Lint Roller

- Made of high-quality TPR material

- Effective on clothes, carpets, furniture, car seats, pet areas, etc

- Quickly & easily removes fluff, lint, hair, and dust. Super sticky!

- Washable with an easy-grip handle

- Great for removing pet hair. Can be used on most surfaces


Material: Plastic + TPR
Size: 17 * 10 * 5.7 cm / 6.7" * 3.9" * 2.2"
Package: 1 x Lint roller

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