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Kitoc-Interactive Cat Toy

Kitoc-Interactive Cat Toy

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The Perfect Play Buddy For Your Cat! The Kitoc-Interactive Ultimate playtoy 

The new age of cat toys! With durable, fun and interactive real life endurance toys at Lovepawz.

Kitoc is unlike anything you’ve seen, it’s quick, interactive and never ever gets boring!

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When you click the button the feather starts spinning in deceptive directions, perfectly mimicking the movement of prey and engaging your cat in endless funny chases!

Kitoc never loses balance, it can keep your cat busy without requiring your supervision. Help your cat stay fit, sharp, and entertained while you enjoy the show it makes!


  • A real challenge- Unlike the slow unresponsive toys, Kitoc is fast, unpredictable, and always a good sport for your cat’s predatory instincts!

  • Keep them fit- Don’t let boredom ruin your cat’s physique, even when you are away Kitoc will easily keep it engaged for hours!

  • Always entertaining- Cats lose interest quickly and in a click Kitoc will bring their full attention and prime them for a chase every time you turn it on!

  • Kitoc is the ultimate choice- Satisfy your cat’s instinctive needs with an interactive toy they’ll love to chase and you’ll enjoy watching!


  • Type: Ultra Cat Toy
  • Material: Abs Material/Other
  • Size: 15cm/6 Inch

Package Includes:

1*  Ultimate Interactive Cat Toy

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