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Hot Dog Costume

Hot Dog Costume

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As you may already know, Sausage Dogs are naturally adorable, but they become even more adorable when dressed in a cute costume. However, finding something that fits sausage dogs can be tricky.  

Its texture is cotton and short plush, not only warm but also comfortable and soft, which will make dogs fall in love with it.

When your dog wears it, it is like a sausage in a hot dog suit. It is also covered with mustard sauce on the back as a topping YUM!

If you love your dog, then buy this comfortable and warm hot dog suit outfit today!


  • Easy to wear- The cute Hot Dog Outfit is easy to put on and off
  • Convenient to Dogs
  • Access to Warmth in the cold- The hot dog suit will give your pup some warmth


  • Type: Dog Costume 
  • Material: Cotton + Short Plush  

Package Includes:

1 x Sausage Dog Costume

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