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Giant Dog Tennis Ball

Giant Dog Tennis Ball

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Giant Dog Tennis Ball

The Giant Dog Tennis Ball is made of a rubber core and common felt, it's much thicker than a normal pet tennis ball. High quality the giant tennis ball is super interactive and fun. Perfect for all dogs get it today at Space Shot!

Genuine 24cm/9.5-inch Diameter Tennis Ball, Super thick!


  • Non-toxic materials- The giant pet tennis ball is made of non-toxins 
  • Interactive Play- The ball is perfect for an interactive playing experience
  • Durable- The ball is super durable 
  • Much thicker than a normal pet tennis ball  


  • Type: Balls
  • Material: Rubber core/Felt of a tennis ball 
  • Size: 24cm/9.5inch

Package Includes

1 x Giant Dog Tennis Ball

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