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Frosty Pad Tray - Instant Ice-Cream Maker

Frosty Pad Tray - Instant Ice-Cream Maker

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Learn Everything About The Frosty Pad Tray

Key Highlights

COMPLETE KIT - This kit comes with the ice roll plate, and 2 x spatulas.

THE EASIEST TO USE ICE CREAM MAKER - Freeze the plate in your freezer at home, then pour on our Pan-n-Ice ice cream mix, add in your favorite mix-ins (Oreos, Nutella, fruit, etc) then roll your ice cream. It's perfect for all ages.

IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO MAKE THE PERFECT ICE CREAM ROLLS AT HOME WITH THE PAN-N-ICE KIT - You will never make better ice cream rolls than with our at-home ice cream roll kit. Durable product that can be used over and over again.

How to Use

Simply pour mixed ingredients onto the fast-freeze surface pan, then scoop and turn until ice cream is formed. Use the scraper to create beautiful, delicious rolled ice cream. Add fruit, nuts, sprinkles, or chocolate chips; this ice cream pan is perfect for kids or a fun night in.

What is Included

ice roll plate, and 2 x spatulas

Instant Ice Cream From Home

✔ COMPLETE KIT - This kit comes with the ice roll plate, 2 x spatulas, and an instruction manual.

Only 3 Simple Steps

STEP 1. Place Frosty Pad Tray in your freezer and leave for 12 hours.

STEP 2. Take out of the freezer and pour liquid, ice cream, and/or other delicious confectioneries onto surface.

STEP 3. Use your special scrapers and craft your masterpiece.

ADD milk for a more creamy texture!

Made With The Highest Quality Materials

Food grade stainless steel: food grade stainless steel ABS plastic appearance + PP plastic ice shovel food grade material, safe and durable, 22.5*17.5*3.5 cm.

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