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Dog Cat Footprint Stamp Pad

Dog Cat Footprint Stamp Pad

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Do you want a gift or record of Your Paw Friend well get the Dog Cat Footprint Stamp Pad ?

Record their paws when they are babies. Get it stamped. Perfect for all breeds and sizes.

Make a simple memory worth having with the Footprint Stamp Pad



  • Great commemorative gifts for parents to record their 
  • Material technology: High tech anti-cross , disposable pad
  • No pollution: Use special production process, leaving clear, real and long-term preservation;


  • Type: Ultra Pet Gift
  • Material: Stamp Pad Ink/Other
  • Colors: 6 Colors
  • Size: 12.5 x  8cm

Package Includes:

*1 Printing Oil + *2 Sheets Of Paper



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