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Corset Gown in Black

Corset Gown in Black

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Accompany your dinner at your favorite night city view restaurant wearing our Corset Gown in black. The silhouette dress in midi-length is perfectly balanced. Black fabric goes with a delicate shine. The skirt fits the hips and perfectly emphasizes the body shape. The inner construction of the bodice has cups for extra comfort and support. Lined.


Viscose 80%, Polyester 20%

Viscose is the most delicate fiber made of wood or bamboo. Its tactile sensations are very pleasant. The material provides excellent breathability and good temperature regulations. The clothes made of viscose are comfortable when dressed even in hot weather.

Polyester is a durable material that helps to maintain the desired shape and makes the product wear-resistant. The appearance of the item does not deteriorate and the color always remains the original.

Size Chart

Length: 90cm/35,4inch
Skirt length from waist: 75cm/29,5inch

size S
Under Bust: 72cm/28,4inch
Hips: 80cm/31,5inch

size M
Under Bust: 76cm/29,9inch
Waist: 66cm/26inch
Hips: 88cm/34,7inch

size L
Under Bust: 80cm/31,5inch
Waist: 70cm/27,6inch
Hips: 92cm/36,2inch

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