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Cactus Plush Squeak Toy

Cactus Plush Squeak Toy

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Cactus Plush Squeak Toy

Enjoy our Squeaky toy Plush collection with our Cactus Plush Squeak Toy. Our cactus plushies will do just the trick for any dog built with quality material your dogs will have such a fun time playing again. 


  • Stress relief- WIll help in relieving your dog's stress
  • Durable- The Cactus Plush is durable meant for large and small dogs alike
  • Cactus Design- The toy has a super adorable design shaped like a cactus
  • Squeaky Toy- The toy has a built in squeaker that releases sounds when ever touched


  • Type: Plush Toy
  • Size: 19*11.5cm
  • Material: Cloth/Other

Package Includes:

*1 Cactus Plush Dog Squeak Toy


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