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5PCS Mini USB Plug Lamp

5PCS Mini USB Plug Lamp

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Unique: This compact and portable light is perfect for reading, working, or just adding a touch of ambiance to any space. It can be easily powered through any USB port, making it convenient to use anywhere, anytime. With its adjustable brightness levels and durable design, this light is perfect for all your needs. Whether you're working late at the office or just need a little extra light in your tent, this mini USB LED light has got you covered.

Convenient: This mini USB LED light. This light is specifically designed to be super convenient for illuminating tight and hard-to-reach spaces such as behind beds, nightstands, or other furniture. With its compact and portable design, it can easily be plugged into any USB port, providing bright and even lighting wherever you need it.

Extremely lightweight and Portable: This light is specifically designed to be extremely lightweight and portable, making it perfect for all your on-the-go needs.
Whether you're traveling, camping, or just need a little extra light in a dark room, this light is the perfect solution. The compact design makes it easy to carry in your bag or pocket.


Power: about 1W
Voltage: 5V/1A
Weight: about 6g
Color: Cold light, Warm light, Blue, Purple, Green, Red
Size: 25 x 24 mm (including USB 37 mm)

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